Donewaiting & Each Note Secure Present: A Very Ohio Christmas

Two of my favorite Ohio music blogs, Donewaiting and Each Not Secure, have teamed up to produce an album consisting of old, new, and obscure songs preformed by bands from all across Ohio. Some of my favorite acts from the state, including Super Desserts, You You’re Awesome, and No No Knots, contributed tracks to the record so it’s safe to say that it will warm you up better than a cup of hot coco. You can listen and purchase the album via bandcamp or take a listen to a track or two on the aforementioned blogs. All the proceeds from the record go to an Ohio organization helping the victims of sex trafficking. So give the record and download and celebrate Christmas the proper Ohio way, by watching a giant fiberglass walleye drop. Wait, that’s what I’m doing on New Years.

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